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Ultimate Wedding Package

£1950.00 without album

£1995.00 with album

11 Hours Attendance (Alex & Louise,  11am - 10pm) which will include:

  • Getting Ready - Coverage at two separate venues for bride and groom

  • Ceremony - Two viewpoints - static video option extra

  • Reception - Two photographers, one covering groups, one covering candid

  • Speeches - One photographer, one videographer - photos & video included.

  • Evening Reception - inc. First Dance - two viewpoints - video option

  • 500 digital hand finished images on Heart & Standard USB

  • Superior Frame & Ten 7x5" prints in mounts for guest presents.

  • Engagement shoot - cloud access & download for guests

  • Slideshow video to your chosen music - est, 30 min runtime.

This is a top of the line photography package - for couples who want comprehensive photography from start to the end.

This package is normally enough to capture the getting ready, arrival, ceremony, the pre-meal reception, speeches, first dance and evening reception - meaning a fully comprehensive look at your wedding day! Especially as there are two of us.

*A note on attendance: Alex and Louise can work separately to ensure a full coverage but it is strongly recommended that both cover the ceremony and early reception to maximise the shooting opportunities.

This package comes with an engagement shoot at our studio.

We aim to provide you with a digital album of around 500 hand-finished full digital images, presented in different styles - black and white, aged-tones and others.

After your viewing we will begin the design process of your 13x11" 100 page printed photo book. We will ask you to narrow down your images to roughly 300 (extra pages can be added for a small extra cost if you want more of the images in the album), design your album and send you a digital proof. Once you are happy with the design it will then be sent away to be printed.

The USB key itself is presented in a keepsake bag that the bride can keep with here jewellery box (we give you a second copy of the USB key to actually use and make copies from)

You choose a favourite from your USB and we'll create you a large A3 framed print for the living room along with 10 7x5" prints to use yourselves or give as gifts to family & friends.

And finally, we create an on-line album where your guests can browse and download web-copies for free!



Dumbleton (57).jpg

There are many ways to photograph a wedding - if you don't mind spending some time on it, you can get some spectacular results...

..however, we feel the most important aspect of wedding photography is time.

Time, on your wedding day, is precious - you really do want to spend most of it enjoying yourselves with friends and family. You probably don't want to spend it posing (for what seems like forever) so that the photographer can get it "everso perfect."

The right way, we feel, is to let time flow. Go with it, photograph what we see. Sometimes pausing to grab a (relaxed) posed shot, sometimes just shooting the scenery, the people, the day as it happens.

Of course, we're realistic, we know we still need to gather groups together and get group posed shots but here's the trick; just assume the photographer knows how to get a technically great shot so no waiting around - arms round each other, make a joke, big laugh and hit the shutter a few times in a few positions and there you have it - posed, relaxed, professional and, seemingly candid group shots!

We try not to follow too many cliched shots but sometimes the oldies are the best - we'd love to hear your ideas too - we love a challenge, though if we feel that it would take too much of your (and your guests) time to set up, we may suggest some other ideas for you.

The absolute truth is that there is no substitute for experience in wedding photography and we have years of it

So, how long do you need a photographer for?

Well, every bride has her own ideas (some groom's too!) but let us break the day down into sections to make it easier to choose:


Normally 30-45 mins at the bride's preparation place (home or venue)

Sort of shots: Candid and abstract - a couple of very relaxed groups - bride and the preparation party - see our gallery

Pre-ceremony (arrival)

Normally we like to arrive at the ceremony venue at least 30 mins before the ceremony, so we can get shots of guests and the grooms-men and family. We are then well prepared for the bride's  arrival!


This can last anywhere between 20 minutes to over an hour - we don't do 1:1 photography at this point - it's all candid and with long lenses. We have to check with the ceremony officials with what they allow as it varies from venue to venue.


The Exit

Candid again (with a couple of quick posed at the door - make sure to remember to hold hands!)

Post-Ceremony known as "Milling around afterwards"

In the sunshine we've known this to take up to 45mins to an hour. However, in the rain it can be 5 minutes! Its the time where you get hugs and kisses and impromptu group shots and lots of candid shots... weather depending!! 

Sometimes the ceremony venue is at the reception venue, sometimes there's travel, so bare this in mind!

Arrival at reception

You have some welcome drinks and we shoot candid for a bit. It's normally after this period that we start 'the group shots'

The group shots

This is the most hectic part of the day for us - every single time without fail, Uncle Mike (or the bride's brother normally) is either at the bar or in the toilet. And everyone is standing around waiting.

So, some preventative measures:

We try and organise the groups so that you start with the big group shot first (if you are having one) and then 'peel off' the non-core family members and bridal party.

That way, those who aren't in any more groups, know they aren't (because we tell them) and can relax and do their own thing. 

It's a magic art and a fun and hectic time the group shots.

Expect 30 seconds to 3 mins per group shot (Uncle Mike notwithstanding)

The fun stuff - known as "messing about with your mates"

This is where we have 10-15 minutes of having silly fun. We got 'the lift' 'the walk' 'the pose' 'the cracked ourselves up laughing'.

The bride and groom shots - known as "the mantle-piece shots"

This is where we like to take the bride and groom away for 15 mins of so - to get the spectacular wow shots you see on this site.

Alex's favourite part of the day.

The pre-meal candid time

This is the time where we only shoot candid (group/family shots on request) - this time is always longer in the summer than the winter it seems to us.

We get the room shots done (all the little details people have spent time and money on), grab a posed cake shot and anything else you want or catches our eye.

The meal

If you are not having the speeches first, this is normally a point at which we leave. People will be eating and unlikely to want to be disturbed. Therefore, if you can, try and plan the speeches before the meal so we can capture what is often very funny an moving pictures.

Our packages are designed so that packages one and two will encompass most of the above in terms of time. Package three is designed around staying through the meal for speeches and other events. 

The Evening Reception

The key moments of the evening reception can be covered, first dance can often produce some stunning moments... even in really dark light! We normally capture this, cake cutting and special events such as fireworks etc and then leave the rest of the party pictures to the mass of social media people that will be taking pictures on their phones. We take a couple of last photos of the bride and groom chilling out and then we're off!

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